CopyTex currently accepts all major credit cards, certified checks for purchase of copier equipment. Standard company checks may be held for 10 days before ordering and placement of the copier.

It might seem more beneficial to purchase a machine. The total cost can be lower and it can also be a valuable asset. However, there are some considerations that might make leasing a better option. First you can get a short-term leasing tax advantage. Second you won’t have to worry about disposing of older machines. With a leased machine the company takes it back and you can upgrade to a newer machine if needed. Lastly, you can recover your copier cost faster if the lease is structured so the entire payment is an immediate deductible expense.

Other considerations are low usage of equipment under 3000-5000 pages per month volume. If you purchase a copier under 48 months of usage the equipment can last you another 4 years for a total of 8 years removing the business expense for 4 years. Which can increase the benefit of cash flow for your business. Intern that money can be used for other company assets or expenses.

Below we have some general information listed to help assist you in picking the copier equipment for your business. Fair Market Value (FMV) and $1 Buyout (or $1 Purchase Option) with a term ranging from 12 to 60 months. Purchase options and longer term use of the equipment and rental options. We hope this helps you choose the best option for your company. Get your copier lease quote in Austin TX and surrounding area's just fill the form on the right of the page and we will give you multiple quote options for your company!

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Copier Rental Options

With our extensive rental fleet of all speeds and sizes to fit your office needs. We can easily fit your budget and provide you outstanding service. With no long term contracts, we give you the flexibility to choose as little as two months to multiple year contracts. Short term rentals are custom bid for less than 2 months for example  Trade Shows, Movie Sets etc.

Renting allows you to preserve the available credit from your bank for additional working capital, operations, expansion and acquisitions. When conducting equipment financing through your bank, you usually exhaust your available credit. Not a good option for any business wanting to grow.

Having the expenses amortized over the rental term allows your organization to effectively budget over the term of the rental. This means that you always know exactly how much cash you have available each month and can better plan your finances accordingly. Efficient planning leads to profit increase.

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Copier Lease Qoute in Austin

A Fair Market Value Buyout allows the customer to utilize the equipment for a designated number of months with end of lease options to continue to lease the equipment, return the equipment and upgrade to new equipment, or purchase the equipment at the then determined fair market value price of the equipment. A FMV lease also is known as an operating lease.

• A $1 Buyout/Purchase Option has a higher monthly payment than a FMV lease, but this lease is selected by a customer who wants to own the equipment at lease end for $1. This lease also is known as a capital lease. Most of the time, the equipment ownership is transferred from the lessor (Bank Picked To Fund Equipment) to the lessee (customer) unless the customer decides to return the equipment for re-marketing or disposal.

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